Web Development

We have long experience with Python and javascript based frameworks used in web development. Flask, FastAPI, Node.js express, React, Vue.js among others. Depending on the project's requirements MongoDBor Postgresql is used as a database.

Mobile Apps

We have some experience developing mobile apps with other frameworks but the preferred choice is React Native. Since it's cross platform it's cheaper to maintain the code. With an easy setup using Expo the simplicity in the framework offers very low starting cost, this makes it perfect to use when developing PoC's or MVP's.

Python Scripting

We offer Python automation as standalone scripts or larger applications or frameworks. Python development is one of our biggest strengths, this includes: tooling, scripting, automation, system development, web development, GUI applications, web scraping etc.

Project Management

Do you need someone with technical experience to help with project management? We'll help you set up a custom methodology taking inspiration from scrum, kanban and lean. We'll help you setup the management tooling as well, Gitlab, Trello, Jira or some other project management tool.

Proof of Concept

Do you want to try your product on the market before investing too much time and money? Then let us develop a proof of concept or a MVP. This is not only cost efficient it will also help you to review your idéa and cuts down the issues with pivoting.


Using Shopify we'll set up your webshop and help you manage it. Doesn't matter if you want to try dropshipping or market your own products, we'll make sure your needs are met. We can design the theme or we'll find a suitable theme to buy and then adapt to fit your needs.


Do you need assistance with deployment of your application or maybe a CI/CD chain setup in Jenkins, Gitlab or some other environment? Don't forget that automation is a huge time saver and therefore a great investment in any project.


We do smaller and simpler projects in house, otherwise we buy and adapt designs and for more demanding projects we have great partners we outsource to. We've been networking and connecting with people that have UX/UI and design as expertise. We want to offer a full package deal with the best result possible in all ends.

SEO Optimization

Every project will go through a SEO scanner several times. We have the knowledge to develop websites with SEO best practices and are doing so from the beginning of the project. Does your project require more extensive SEO work? We have partnered up with some great minds. Together we'll come up with an objective and then a plan to execute.


About Us

We are a Young Innovative Information Technology Company. Providing high quality Web & Mobile Solutions Using Cutting-Edge Techniques. We Possess Great Experience and Have Acquired Good Knowledge During Our Years In the Industry.

Contact Us

Address: Soltorpsgatan 20, Mölndal, Sweden

Phone: +46 73 987 86 40

Email: info@appsightsolutions.com