Maskeradlagret eCommerce


Project Description

We payed for a licensed theme from Themeforest and then started with adaptations. This particular theme unfourtunatly had more than a few bugs that have had to be solved in the code. We've partnered up with a SEO and Social Media Marketer from India that will do most of the marketing. She will do most of the content creation espacially in text while we do most of the marketing material consisting of images.

This is a pilot project with dropshipping, which made it quite time consuming to do the integration between Shopify and BigBuy. Since the Shopify theme only had english as an option we had to translate everything. We downloaded the json with the locales, then parsed the values and translated them with a Visual Studio Code extension. Lastly put the translated values to keys, saving a mew locales json.


  • Platform: Shopify
  • Marketing Material: Adobe Photoshop
  • Ecommerce Partner: BigBuy
  • Script & Tooling: Python3 | Visual Studio Code