Fastiva Property Administraion

Web Application

Project Description

Introducing our new property administration system, designed to make it easy for co-op, apartment and other buildings to manage their bookings, communication and maintenance tasks. Our system is flexible and customizable, so you can create individual booking schedules and configure them to meet your unique needs.

Create booking schedules with customizable availability and duration Let members book without logging in with an easy link Write and manage news, and flag important messages for all members to see Track and manage maintenance issues with an user-friendly form and prioritization system

Simplify your property management with our all-in-one system. Sign up now and try it for free.

Sign up now and try our property administration system for free – the ultimate option for co-op and apartment buildings.

    Project Detail

  • Client: In House Product
  • Date: August 2021
  • Project URL:


  • Frontend: JavaScript | React.js
  • Backend: Python3 | Flask
  • Database: MongoDB | PyMongo
  • Script & Tooling: Python3 | Bash
  • Cloud Application Platform : Heroku