DgEvents Discgolf Platform

Web Application

Project Description

DgEvents is the biggest platform for Discgolf in Sweden with everything from tournaments, to competitions, to multiple divisions of series all over Sweden.

Our main focus in this project was automating processes to minimize manual labour and creating a versitle dynamic application. From the admin system you can edit about anything, but it needed to be done with simplicity. One big time consumer for our customer was administrating all the series. Admin will add players with an excel sheet, the application will sort the players by city and create accounts to those who are new to the platform and send them their credentials over email. The system are easy to then administrate the divisions for each city and let you divide the players how ever you see fit. Once this is done it's time to start the series, the application will crate a game table over all games that will be played. After each game one of the players may log on to the platform and submit the score. The series table will recalculate and update the positions automatically.

When creating competitions, tournaments or a championship we added the flexibility to choose from a variety of objects. List box, text box, image box, icon header etc... Each object comes with a variety of color combinations. In this way we've managed to create a simple web creator. Admin can create any type of event and also choose wether it should go in the navbar, in the tournament tab or the event tab. Admin can create a tournament and then assign events to that tournament and by that dynamically create a nested drop down menu.

    Project Detail

  • Client: DgEvents AB
  • Date: April 2022
  • Project URL: www.dgevents.se


  • Frontend: JavaScript | Vue.js
  • Backend: Python3 | Flask
  • Database: MongoDB | PyMongo
  • Script & Tooling: Python3 | Bash
  • Cloud Application Platform : Heroku