Danny's Restaurant


Project Description

Even though this was a project of a smaller magnitude it had a few easter eggs to offer. For the first time ever we are delivering our in house developed CMS to a client.

Last year we developed a Python package that will generate a full stack cms from a simple json configuration file. After finishing the frontend we know exactly what's needed. This went great and worked fully as expected.

The client only had the pizza menu in paper form and not digitalized at all, with around a hundred items on the pizza menu. The client wasn't very keen on typing it by hand. We simply took a photograph with an iphone and then extracted text from the image and the parse the result to match the input model for the backend endpoint. This was done using Python3.


  • Frontend: JavaScript | Vue.js
  • CMS: JavaScript | Vue.js
  • Backend: Python3 | Flask
  • Database: MongoDB | PyMongo
  • Script & Tooling: Python3 | Bash
  • Cloud Application Platform : Heroku