Appsight Automated CMS


Project Description

We have completely automated the CMS setup. A simple json configuration where you specify your websites pages and then what values each page will have. The automation supports almost every type of input including images and image galleries. The automation tool creates a CMS frontend, all backend code needed both for the CMS and the application itself, user handling for admin login, database setup and building the application.

This has been very important for us, as we say on the home page, we want to make IT affordable for small business owners. This is how we can keep our prices down whilst still delivering quality products. We save enormously amount of time using this automation tool. We will keep developing the tool in the future to look better, to be even easier to configurate, to support more input types and also be able to generate a boiler plate of the website the CMS is going to administrate.

    Project Detail

  • Client: In House Product
  • Date: January 2022
  • Project URL: Internal Tool


  • Automation Framework: Python3
  • Frontend: JavaScript | Vue.js
  • Backend: Python3 | Flask
  • Database: MongoDB | PyMongo
  • Script & Tooling: Python3 | Bash
  • Cloud Application Platform : Heroku